Phase-I Team
At GMC Nepal, we believe our people are our strongest assets.

With a varied mix of work backgrounds and personal histories, our team has collectively received higher education degrees from 4 continents and has lived & worked throughout their lives in over 16 different countries. As has been its long-standing policy, Centre for Social Change has paid attention to providing employment opportunities to professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and perspectives. From sector experience in private enterprise, entrepreneurship, tech, and creative ventures to research work in academia, government policy, consultancy, journalism, and youth activism – our team is proudly diverse in experiences, thoughts, perspectives, backgrounds, and community-groups.

Dr. Prakash Bhattarai
Research Advisor

With almost 20 years of professional/academic experience on issues surrounding governance, peace-building, development, migration, and more, Dr. Bhattarai currently serves as the President of Centre for Social Change and the Research Advisor for GMC Nepal. He has extensive experience in leading and coordinating various youth and student organizations along with a strong consulting portfolio working as a researcher and M&E expert with a wide array of international development-centered organizations. He holds a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Otago, and master’s degrees/visiting scholarship relationships with Tribhuvan University, University of Notre Dame, and Uppsala University. Today, Dr. Bhattarai is one of the leading researchers in the Nepali governance, politics, and peace-building spheres, having published dozens of articles and opinion pieces in peer-reviewed journals, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. His research instinct, vast experience, strong contextual knowledge, and encouraging leadership style is at the core of all of GMC Nepal’s works.

You can reach Dr. Bhattarai at: 

Shuvam Rizal
Research Lead

Shuvam has worked extensively in the fields of Development, Social Policy Impact, and Meta-Research/Empirical Accountability throughout his career as a Development Economist and Research Consultant. His research interests include poverty, governance, gender, social justice/civil rights, and the social impacts of climate change. He holds an MSc in International Development Economics from the University of San Francisco, and a double BA degree in Economics and International Relations from UMass Amherst. After spending much of his career studying and analyzing the Nepali context from the United States, Shuvam is excited to be back home to lead the research wing of GMC Nepal.

You can reach Shuvam at:

Raunak Mainali
Research Fellow

Raunak joined the GMC Nepal research team shortly after completing his MSc in Defense, Development and Diplomacy from Durham University. Previously, he completed his BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Kent. Aside from his various research endeavours, Raunak is also an active journalist exploring many relevant areas of interests – peace-building, world affairs, and diplomacy – in various articles and opinion pieces. His keen interest in governance, federalism, and peace-building processes makes him one of the GMC Nepal team’s strongest assets.

You can reach Raunak at:

Shradha Khadka
Research Fellow

Shradha is currently working as a research fellow on multiple projects at GMC Nepal and finishing up her MA in Development Studies at Kathmandu University. Energetic and ever-adaptable, Shradha brings a unique set of skills to our team – from working on policy-briefs and researching formal governance topics, to elements of visual design, production, and creative applications of GMC Nepal’s work. Having completed academic programs at Troy UniversityTribhuvan University, and Bielefeld University, Shradha has a varied mix of research experiences and topics of interest, including natural resource management, conservation, gender, climate, urban planning, governance, and education.

You can reach Shradha at:

Kalpana Rana Magar

Kalpana has been involved in various research initiatives under Centre for Social Change for over a year, most notably on Nepal Peace Portal and various projects involving labour migration. She has an MA degree in International Relations from Tribhuvan University, and is interested in research areas surrounding governance, diplomacy, and migration patterns. In her short time at GMC Nepal, she has emerged as the in-house expert on Migration Governance and is an indispensable part of our research team.

You can reach Kalpana at:

Nishchhal Kharal
Project Manager

Nishchhal has been active as a youth peace activist in Kathmandu for a number of years alongside serving as the co-founder and secretary of Centre for Social Change. He holds an MA degree in Conflict, Governance, and Development from the University of York, along with another MA degree in Conflict, Peace and Development from Tribhuvan University. Nishchhal is also the co-founder and former president of the youth-leadership organization ‘We’ for Change. He believes that young people possess the ability to change the world via accountable society-building mechanisms, and is thus an active advocate of the promotion and encouragement of civic-engagement groups. Nishchhal expertly manages all logistical and directional aspects of GMC Nepal, and is the glue that holds the initiative together.

You can reach Nishchhal at:

Anish Khatri

Anish has been actively involved in almost all Centre for Social Change projects in various capacities since he joined the team a few years ago. At GMC Nepal, Anish heads the Communications responsibilities, while also lending his expertise in research, graphic design, and various creative ventures. He is also currently pursuing a BA in Social Work and Psychology at Tribhuvan University. In a short amount of time, Anish has passionately contributed his multitude of skills to help our team in countless ways, and is an irreplaceable member of the GMC Nepal team.

You can reach Anish at: