Policy Brief: Education Governance in Nepal

The pages enclosed in this document summarize GMC Nepal’s key findings relevant to Education sectoral governance and their corresponding policy recommendations, thus also establishing the frontier for future research in the space.

Key Takeaways

  • Governance Monitoring Centre Nepal’s yearlong monitoring of the educational sector has brought key pressing policy challenges and corresponding recommendations into light.
  • Adoption into the federal governance framework, as introduced by the 2015 Constitution, continues to be a key area of policy failure, as friction between old and new stakeholders introduce governance challenges by undermining structural mechanisms and intended power-sharing pathways.
  • Across all three tiers, lack of digital learning infrastructure, representative recordkeeping practices, and adequate investments in teacher trainings and curriculum updates emerge as critical sectoral challenges.
  • Educational service delivery concerns introduced by the sharp increase in privatization of the urban education markets present unique governance challenges, and thus should be regularly monitored.

In addition to the report:

Strategic Recommendations on Education Governance