Policy Brief: Health Governance in Nepal

The pages enclosed in this document summarize GMC Nepal’s key findings relevant to Health sectoral governance and their corresponding policy recommendations, thus also establishing the frontier for future research in the space.

Key Takeaways

  • GMC Nepal’s one year of monitoring health sector governance has resulted in the identification of several policy challenges, implementation failures, and their corresponding policy recommendations.
  • The primary area of policy concern remains the effective health-sector adoption of the federal governance structure introduced by the 2015 Constitution. Despite over half-a-decade since its establishment, policies have been unable to draw localized healthcare advantages of federalism.
  • Effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have exposed several key areas of improvement within the Nepali health sector. Central among these are the urgent need for effective recordkeeping, monitoring practices, information dissemination, and transparency in policymaking processes.
  • Effective integration of the unique healthcare needs of marginalized groups were found to be inadequate in current policies and multi-year targets.

In addition to the report:

Strategic Recommendations on Health Governance