GMC Nepal - Phase II

GMC Nepal (Governance Monitoring Centre Nepal) comprises of a fresh, dynamic, motivated team of individuals from diverse professional, educational and personal backgrounds – brought together by a common shared belief of social transformation through the strengthening of state-society ties in the newly transformed federal landscape of Nepal.

We are passionately dedicated to use the latest in qualitative and quantitative research mechanisms, civic engagement tools, technology, education, creative design, media engagements and advocacy instruments in order to meet our collective social transformation objectives.

After the overwhelming responses and support we received from the success of GMC Phase I that looked into the governance aspects of Health, Education and Migration sectors in Nepal, we now launch Phase II of our GMC initiative.

GMC Nepal Phase-II is dedicated to focus on four primary areas of governance:

Each of these areas are individual foundations of effective governance, central to a society’s functioning. At the same time, these areas mutually affect one another across various levels of federal structure. Realizing the significance of efficient governance in these four areas, GMC Phase II is committed in monitoring and reporting the evident as well as underlying elements that are contributory to conflicts.

True to our core mission, we are committed to involve the community in all undertakings with complete transparency. We actively communicate our findings across various channels – including policy briefs, reports, infographics, media partnerships, social media, traditional media engagement – all consolidated in this website.

This project has been developed on the basis of seven years long learning and observations gained by CSC through its various research & project interventions, from national to local level and with community-based interactions with a wide range of people. CSC considers this project a need-based solution focusing on the promotion of strong state-society relationships, with the aim of addressing the pertinent elements of governance conflict and achieving effective public participation and engagements in strengthening the new federal governance structure of the country.

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Please find our research efforts summarized in the form of up-to-date reports, findings, and media engagements on the Publications section. Additionally, you can also find opinion pieces and other exploratory articles in our Blog. We are always open to new ideas and collaboration opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to us via Email or Social Media with questions, ideas, proposals, or just to say hello!