Governance Watch: December 2023

Media Monitoring Report Issue 7. December 2023

The ’Governance Watch’, a bi-monthly periodic report represents GMC Nepal’s attempt to understand the major conflicts occurring within and beyond the federal structures and systems. Through vigilant media monitoring mechanisms, this report analyzes the changing dynamics of governance related conflicts and elements associated with these conflicts, emphasizing the crucial role of media in reflecting where latest developments and interests are focused. The report focuses on four areas of governance, namely, Natural resources governance, Developmental governance, Ethnocultural governance and Political governance.

This 7th issue encapsulates a total of 146 news and events related to governance conflicts in Nepal. While the majority of these governance conflicts, i.e., 111 cases were nonviolent in nature, 19 events triggered violent consequences. Furthermore, in this reporting period, 16 events were cases registered by CIAA against political and government actors (comprising local, provincial and central levels) involved in illicit and corrupt activities.

From 146 events recorded between October 2023 and December 2023, some key factors were identified that have evidently triggered governance conflict in the four governance areas. As potential responses to address these ongoing conflicts, we have derived 12 key recommendations.

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