Governance Watch: April 2023

Media Monitoring Report Issue 3. April 2023

The ’Governance Watch’, a bi-monthly periodic report represents GMC Nepal’s attempt to understand the major conflicts occurring within and beyond the federal structures and systems. Through vigilant media monitoring mechanisms, this report analyzes the changing dynamics of governance related conflicts and elements associated with these conflicts, emphasizing the crucial role of media in reflecting where latest developments and interests are focused. Here is how the methods have defined the major governance areas selected by this report and major indicators it is looking into:

  1. Natural Resource Conflicts
  2. Development Conflicts
  3. Ethnocultural Conflicts
  4. Political Conflicts

The media monitoring methods adopted have assessed the following major indicators to understand the four areas of governance and governance related conflicts. The media monitoring methods analyze these indicators to understand the gaps and challenges existent within the federal governance system. Understanding effectiveness in formation as well as implementation of the indicators is the major focus of this report to derive governance related conflicts and also, relevant opportunities. 

  • Legal and policy frameworks
  • Government bodies and mechanisms
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Conflict resolution/ transformation